Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stronger than ever...

Okay, I wrote a big rant about a retarded multi-level-marketing pitch I heard today, which Blogger ate, but the important part is, I bought The Incredibles on DVD with a gift card left over from Christmas. Now The Incredibles can be as incredible as they were in the theater when I didn't go see it for A YEAR because we had a baby instead.

Also, Blockbuster could've had my money. I tried on two separate occasions to rent The Incredibles, but they didn't stock enough copies.


Blogger Geek Josh Lobkowicz said...

Blockbuster sucks. Good for used video games and DVDs if you go at the right time, otherwise, they are downright awful, rip-off, lack of service, bastards. I like to support an indy video store if I can. But if I can't I support anyone but blockbuster. They should rename thenselves to Bankbuster. And that Empyrum game looks near I have been checking it out due to your post on it.

11:12 PM  

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