Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dilemma: Boot IE for Firefox, or mess with MusicMatch.

AVG Free Virus Scanner seems to cause web pages time out. Let's be clear: I'm on a home network hooked up to a router that's hooked to a cable modem that's hooked up to Earthlink. Yahoo, boardgamegeek, and indeed, every web page everywhere, should pop up in one second when I click a link... or heads will roll. The Emperor commands it!

Geez, it makes Musicmatch Jukebox work like crap, too. I emptied out my Temporary Internet Files, emptied my Recycling Bin, defragged, looked at my Internet Explorer settings, vaguely fiddled with IE controls, nothin'. Turn off the AVG scanner, pow, pages work correctly again. Most of the time. X Grrr...

I don't wanna switch to Firefox, but if my pages aren't loading properly 1/4 of the time, and I'm having to hit F5 about a thousand more times per day, sorry, IE, you get the boot. I gotta have a virus scanner, and I'm not paying for one.

My wife's computer is not shutting down correctly, with a modal window warning her about ShellIconBlahBlahSomethingSomething. It turns out it's because the newer versions of MusicMatch Jukebox have that happen. Solution: either manually kill the process, then shutdown every time, which is annoying, or re-install a non-retarded version of MusicMatch Jukebox. The problem doesn't happen on mine, because I'm not a registered user (yes, the cool features she got by giving them $20 are worth $20). That's bad, MusicMatch, so fix it.


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