Thursday, April 07, 2005

The search continues...

The Houston Gamers are figuring out where to meet.

From what I remember:

The Games Browser: Partnered with the Book Browser, a conjoined twin store. Kinda dank, eventually abandoned when a leaky AC unit led to a tremendous mold outbreak that made the stores uninhabitable to anyone with allergies. The two stores' owners later broke their partnership, and the game side languished. It recently was reborn, and appears to be doing LOTS of Magic business. They also have some of Phoenix Comics old game inventory, still coated in the original dust.

Midnight Comics and Games: Run by two guys, John and Joe. Joe is the Comic Book Guy, once haranguing my wife for five or more minutes about the ret-conning of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl's origin story. John is the Gamer Guy and the more business-minded of the two, pursuing the conventions and doing a lot of promotional work (he's good people). It's a huge store, with a giant area on the second floor. Their main traffic was Magic players, and when a Prerelease tournament coincided with a Houston Gamers meeting, the Houston Gamers had no tables. This isn't a dig against Midnight-Magic is one of the major revenue streams, and tournaments help keep that stream steady. It always has the same four or five guys just hanging out and playing Magic. Their website is horrible.

Enigma's: Way the heck up 249, it's got an impressive inventory of new-release boardgames. The owner's still working on his staffing issues, which is to say: HE HAS NO STAFF AT ALL. D'oh. I like him, I like his store, I don't like paying $4 round trip to the Beltway to get there.


Blogger gorjus said...

That's a tough trade-off. At least you HAVE alternatives--here in Jaxxon, you kind of have to go with what there is. And, be miserable.

As for preaching about the terrible, convoluted, no-good history of Wonder Girl . . . well, he was probably justified. If, annoying.

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