Friday, April 22, 2005

Lose 10 pounds of ugly fat by cutting off your head!

Well, I stayed at home again today, so effectively, on Monday, I barfed away an entire week. On the bright side, I weighed 169 lbs. on January 4, and I weighed 158 in the doctor's office yesterday. Eeh, I also laid around Hurtin' For Certain and doing nothing, so that's bad, regardless of what a scale might say.

Tonight I got my wife's watch battery replaced, then went to Border's and picked up a copy of The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. Her midwife loaned us a SIGNED copy temporarily, and Lee's sure she'll want one as a lending copy. I also read one of the depressing Powers graphic novels and an Ultimate Spider-Man collection. I like the series a lot, but my overall sense is that it is going downhill as the writer loses interest. Which is a shame, since he's freakin' brilliant most of the time.

It's been interesting to witness Lee's gradual shift of position. We had an about-average hospital birth experience the first time around. I know we did better than we could have, since we toured one hospital whose entire attitude sucked. They told us all about the great drugs they had available for her, and how they'd take the baby away for a bath, and bring it back nice and clean! [Note to guys: that's really crappy. Proper sequence: Mommy has baby, no drugs. Mommy warms Baby, no problem. Daddy drives Mommy and Baby home, Mom and Dad wash Baby themselves and apply two coats of wax to preserve finish. Two months pass, Dad gets an entire night's sleep.]

Anyway, I'm glad Lee did the research she did the first time, and I'm glad she has been continuing to read up on various issues.

The Houston Gamers are going to be meeting at a store called Dragon's Breath on May 7. It's in central Houston-inside the loop by several miles. I'm barely inside the Beltway, so that's not a fun drive. I haven't decided whether I'll go or not, but I hope it goes well. Hopefully everybody will keep it dialed back just a little, be on their best behavior, and freakin' buy something, anything at all to keep us from looking like vagrants wandering from store to store.

Later on in May, it's back to Midnight Comics. It's WAY out on Westheimer. I almost drove out there tonight, but thought better of it.


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