Monday, April 25, 2005

One hour a day, I know true happiness...

Yep, it's the hour I'm listening to a trial version of MusicMatch Jukebox! Some thoughts:

1. I've heard enough U2 to last a lifetime. I don't ever, ever want to hear another song by U2. Also, Green Day. Ben Folds, you always sucked and I always hated you, and your Five.
2. If a song is longer than 4 minutes, I skip it. I only have 60 minutes with which to work. Time is short, gotta make the most of it.
3. Think of a band. Any band. As fast as you can, name 20 bands like that band. Hard, isn't it? Not surprising, then, that to MusicMatch, Soul Coughing is like Hootie and the Blowfish. Soul Coughing is like U2 (see #1). Soul Coughing is like Green Day.
4. My annual music purchases to date: $6. My 2004 purchases: $29 or so. I have enough music.
5. No matter how cool this is, I'm not paying money for it.

(To be fair, my wife did pay $20 for CD-burning features she likes a lot.)


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