Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Google Adsense vs. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Without revealing numbers, a few 1-hour sessions on Amazon Mechanical Turk have given me more in Amazon credit than a year's worth of Google Adsense on my blog has put forward.

I'm still keeping the ads.

There's an interesting article on Steve Pavlina's website on monetizing your blog. There are a lot of tips that would help this site expand.

I'm torn:
  1. I'd rather be self-hosting, which means picking and buying a domain name and getting Wordpress up and running.
  2. I get more money out of selling my old videogames and books on half.com, which is satisfying, too.
  3. The two kids have made our lives busier, and so all my hobbies get shorter shrift.
If you could make money at doing anything, what would it be? Great. Try it on a small scale and see what works. Even if you never make a dime, it might be fun, and you might learn something.


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