Sunday, May 07, 2006

Alex is 2, plus a Houston Gamers quick trip

Today is free comic book day. Once a year, the publishers all come up with big stacks of free comics and send them to your friendly local comic book stores.

Of course, I had to host a birthday party for Alexis first. This involved about a hundred individual trips to and from the clubhouse a few hundred feet from our house. Toddlers are like astronauts in that it takes about 20,000 pounds of support gear, even for shorter trips. We took 4 portable child seats, even though we only have 2 kids.

We ended up with 6 short kids, 3 medium kids, 1 big kid, a bunch of parents, and one lone single person who wandered in almost by accident. (She also brought the big hit birthday gift: a hula hoop. Oh, man, if those kids had guns, there would have been a firefight.)

I have one last unfrosted cake in the kitchen and about 2 pounds of sliced brisket in the fridge.

After all that was cleaned up as well as could be managed, I headed over to the Houston Gamers.

I narrowly missed getting in on a game of Mogul, a fine auction nominally about railroad stocks prior to 1929, but mostly about hoarding and viciousness. It's cheap, runs under an hour, and has a couple of great mechanics: must bid or pass in auctions, when you pass you get the current bids on the table, 1st and 2nd place bidders get something but 1st place person decides who gets which reward, sorta-closed money system with option to get more, etc.

I DID play Mesopotamia, which is a newer game by Klaus Jeurgen-Wrede. My first thought was: he's got a hyphen and an umlaut, this is going to rule! It was kinda cool, I guess. Even with 4 players, 3 of whom were new, it still played out in an hour and a half easy.

Kevin and Debra were trying to recruit for more gaming and food tomorrow, and it ain't happening. The continued isolation is the worst part of parenting. Yes, you're sleep deprived. Yes, you will have to deal with bodily fluids. Yes, you'll be around a little germ monkey. Big deal, I've had all that before. Deliberately having to pass up regularly occasions for fun, all the time? Yeah, that is new.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 77, New game titles played for the year = 16.


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