Sunday, October 23, 2005

Email etiquette, also, Penguin bars rock!

See, I'm on cable. Which is to say, I pay for cable modem, but not cable television services.

It STILL takes me time to download pictures from some people. They have their settings at "Retardedly detailed," which is fine. My mom and dad are on dial-up. That picture that's 1.0 meg? Yeah, thanks, that's five entire minutes for my mom. Stack 6 together, that's a half-hour that they sit there, waiting. I love you people. Now, be more awesome.

Secondly, I have a picture I must show you. It's of a Penguin bar. Evidently, these are British chocolate biscuits. Each 2-bar unit had a different package. Feast your eyes on this, and tell me it is not sweet:

Brilliant take-off on the old 8-bit controllers, eh. Notice how the penguin logo is on the third button, in plain view.

I ate a second one that had a cell-phone face, with a heavily-pixelated penguin, framed by signal and battery bars.

On the reverse, there's a small icon of a penguin next to a trash can.

Soo, Penguin bars are great. Try to get a pack from an English friend, or pick one up if you're in the neighborhood.

I ate these at a barbecue, titled "Bring Your Own Meat II," building on the wild success of the original "Bring Your Own Meat" party. The second party was also a roaring success.


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