Sunday, October 16, 2005

On Subscriptions

I'm a big fan of McSweeney's, especially for little gems like Jim Jarmusch's Notes for a Ghostbusters Sequel.

Noted double-dome Dave Eggers founded the journal as a place for material rejected elsewhere. I haven't quite managed to read any of his books yet, but McSweeney's is a hell of a site, and evidently a decent printed-on-paper-with-actual-ink-and-delivered-by-actual-humans quarterly.

It costs a ton of money for a subscription. However, would I actually read it?

I let my Isaac Asimov's Fantasy & Science Fiction lapse this month. There were 3 unread issues piling up, and that was too many. I feel guilty because the Robert Silverberg columns are great, and there's usually one or two stories a month that are good.

I have so many damn issues of F&SF around. Most of them are mediocre. I only really "treasure" the one with the short story of "The Martian Child," which is getting turned into a John Cusack movie.


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