Friday, October 14, 2005

Wrapping up the week

I hauled almost 3 boxes of books to Half-Price Books. They're all going to end up getting clearanced out. I finally admitted to myself I'm never going to re-read those biographies of key players during the Reagan presidency. I'll never use them to write anything about the farm crisis of the early 1980s. It was time for those books, and others (John DeChancie's Castle Perilous fluff, random literary journals with nothing good in them, random crappy AND outdated computer books, and other garbage) to go. So out they went, and I have $8 now. Whee. I feel empty inside.

There were only 2 books in there that made me feel a twinge: a Hunter S. Thompson book and a Fritz Leiber hardcover collection. Eeh, seriously. I wouldn't have read them for at least another few years. I am pretty sure that most of the rest of my collection is staying as-is, at least until I smooth out the gaps on the shelves, re-organize how my library looks, and decide what else to buy.

I think I may go buy some CDs on I keep hearing songs on the radio and realizing that I wouldn't mind owning them, if I could do it for $4 or so. Many albums on have dropped down to the seventy-five cent range. That's kinda sad, even though most of them deserve it.


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