Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lazy Saturday wrap-up, also I have RSS feeds

Everyone's asleep but me. Tiny Cori is napping in the swing, Lee is upstairs conked out, Alexis is down for her regular nap, and my mom is taking a siesta.

I now have RSS and Atom feeds available, and should have links up Any Day Now(tm). Full feeds, too, none of that incomplete feed garbage. They're ad-free, at least temporarily. Technically, I always had an Atom feed for this blog, but never put up a link to it.

Obligatory explanation: RSS feeds lets you use a computer program to subscribe to web pages. When the pages update, your trusty RSS reader knows about it, and keeps all the updates together, so you can read them whenever you want and don't have to keep checking the websites obsessively.

Confession/excuse time: I am not using an RSS reader. Since I read certain sites from several locations, I don't want to have to manage multiple RSS feeds on multiple computers, plus there's the It's Just One More Freakin' Program To Learn factor, plus the Aw, Jeez, I Have A Baby, My Attention Span Is Twenty Seconds factor.


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