Monday, October 17, 2005

Nazis in America

What the heck? Did no one in Toledo, Ohio see what happens to Nazis in the heartland?

Seriously, folks. I'm suprised at the tolerance and restraint of the Toledo gangs in NOT killing these deluded, possibly inbred Americans. I'm gratified by the restraint of the Toledo police in protecting the peace as best they could, even after officers were injured.

Nobody died! No one, not even deluded/occluded, reverse-carpetbagging National Socialists, got shanked and thrown in a ditch, or shot up by parties known/unknown, etc. The cops took some severe lumps and didn't shoot anyone. That is awesome!

Seriously, who likes National Socialism? What positive good is this political unit going to produce, that wouldn't be better served by picking a new name not associated with an atrocity-committing foreign party that is now outlawed in the country of origin?

Were they trying to martyr themselves for a cause primarily associated with death camps? What sick fetish would send them to Toledo? Who benefits?

Anyway, kudos to Toledo for keeping the violence to a minimum, while still flying the flag for decency.


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