Monday, April 02, 2007

Too many people reading your blog?

Why not make it so when I click on a link such as "March 2007," I don't get all 20-odd posts from that month, I get only 5 posts and end up needing to search around for a teeny-tiny link that says "next entries." Woo, all 5 entries only show the first 100 words and I need to click through each entry? Great work making your prose unreadable.

Also, can every untalented, uninteresting blogger please begin using the ambiguous labels "next" and "previous" for archive navigation, rather than the straightforward "older/newer" labels? For you talented but confused people, navigation bars should be at the top AND bottom of archive pages. I know no one ever told you this until now, so you have exactly until the end of today to fix your site. Why are you forcing me to scroll up to the top to browse in your archives? Why do you hate freedom?

Anyone who is paid to deliver a professional website with white text on black background shall be stripped of possessions and dignity, then driven from the internet, never to return.

In conclusion, you dang kids, stay off my lawn.

*** This post is dedicated to the hard-working people of Tom's Hardware, who know that 90% of your monitor space should be devoted to horrible ads, and to anyone who is still using Snap previews. You made your site unreadable, so I don't read your site! Excellent! Cry yourself to sleep, drying your tears with your horrible Unix-guru beards. ***


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