Friday, March 09, 2007

Games Catch-up because I gotta be caught up

For the record, here's everything played from OwlCon to now:

Feb 15 - San Juan and Wyatt Earp with Chris, Bobby, and Emily.

Feb 22 - Yspahan and Princes of Florence with Tim, Chris, RJ, and Marty.

Feb 24 - Tri-Games visit with Larry. We end up playing Gloria Mundi, Power Grid, Flickverk, Von Bis Imp Kairo, Mogul, and El Grande until about 5 in the morning.

March 1 - Lee's night to game. They play a long game of Power Grid on the Italy map.

March 3- I head to Midnight Comics and learn Alhambra:The Dice Game and Taluva from Kevin, Debra, and Crystal. I win Alhambra by only a few points in a close game, and lose Taluva.

March 8 - Tim, RJ, and I play Power Grid: Germany (I win) and Tsuro (I lose).

I have a few posts in draft form:

1. How and why our Thursday night board games continue to entertain, and how we have changed our format to fit the group.
2. Mini-reviews of some of the new games I played. TEASER: Most of them were mediocre, and that's a good thing.
3. Overview of my game collection, and how I expect it to evolve.
4. The Barnes & Noble clearance sale, and how it affected the board game geek economy.

I don't expect any of them to go up this weekend.


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