Sunday, April 01, 2007

Saturday at home

Larry came over to take me up to Tri-Games, but Lee said she wanted to play, too. We got in a game of Puerto Rico (Larry got a factory going full-steam and crushed us) and a game of Power Grid on the France map (Lee took an early lead, then had all her oil bought out from under her by Larry - I was the eventual winner).

Lee finished up some emails as Larry and I closed out the evening with a game of Attika. Larry started strong with some great early draws, keeping me on the defensive the entire game. His pushes to connect the shrines were dangerous enough that I had to give up two cards several times, costing me tempo. He placed all his buildings and won. It was nice to get this out, and confirm that I still like Attika better than Taluva, the designer's next effort. This makes me something of an oddity in the Houston Gamers at present.

We opened a bottle of sparkling wine that had been in our fridge since Thanksgiving, and ate potato chips left over from Thursday gaming.

[Oh, yeah, Thursday Lee, Chris, R.J., Tim, and Larry played Hacienda. R.J. won, with Larry and Lee tied for second. It was odd to watch. I played it once back when I got the game, but haven't played since. R.J. gave me quite a bit of guff about my hazy memories of the instructions. It seems like we might have played the game wrong the other time. They were all rolling in cash at the end of the game.]


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