Sunday, March 25, 2007

Power Grid at Tri-Games (x2)

What a workout! Larry and I went to Tri-Games last night and got in two intense Power Grid games.

The first one was Jean, Larry, Len, and I, in France. We saw two commodity crashes over the course of the game, and it was brutal. Larry finessed a victory and pretty much redefined how we'll think about Power Grid.

The second gameboard Len, Larry, and I chose was Italy. I took an early lead, ran with it while paying through the nose on fuel costs, and finished out first with tons of cash in hand.

In other news, fellow Houston Gamer Kevin Nunn is discussing teeny-tiny print runs of a couple of his games with some printers. Geez, a chance to get one of maybe 40 copies, all signed and numbered by a kick-ass game designer about to have a new game published? I told him to get me two of whatever he prints.


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