Monday, March 19, 2007

Tri-Games mid-month

Larry and I headed up to Tri-Games on Saturday and managed to get a game of Power Grid together with Dan, Kevin, and Len. Dan and Kevin were new, so we used the fast-paced Benelux expansion map. Len destroyed us, powering a crazy-huge number of cities early and never sliding out of "crazily-in-first" place. He said he's played a lot of games, and this was his first win.

Dan caught on well, and Kevin, uh, took our hints and hung in there. Len pinned Kevin down on the north side of the map, and Kevin never caught up from that. I made several errors and just wasn't efficient, taking a distant fourth.

I tried out Hey, That's My Fish, which is a cute kids' game about penguins collecting fish, with Larry. I also taught Larry Blokus Trigon and Terra Nova.

We considered playing another game of Power Grid, but by that point, it was already 2 in the morning, so we called it a night.

Current interest levels in games:
  • Power Grid is holding my interest and I'm definitely going to push for more games of it.
  • Blokus Trigon is neat, I think eventually I'd like to own a copy.
  • I'd like to play more games of Pizarro & Co. to see if I want to keep it or trade it off.
  • I'd like to play Gloria Mundi again - Larry might not be up for it after the severe beating he took in the earlier game due to poor plays by other people at the table. It's vicious and may actually require players to be, y'know, competent.
  • Tsuro needs more people than the couple I got to play.
Blah blah have unplayed games on the stack whatever, maybe later, maybe never.


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