Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thursday night: Thoughts about Scheduling, also Blue Moon?

Monday was a holiday, so everyone I typically invite over for gaming was already giving off vague signals of stress and overwork.

The final rundown:
  • Crystal and Len - Guys coming to work on their TV did not show up as promised, but also didn't call them to reschedule until later in the evening (?!!).
  • Rodney - Miserable due to allergies, needed to rest.
  • Jackie - Needed to go grocery shopping for the week. They moved this weekend so that is reasonable.
  • Timothy - Needed to watch son while Jackie went grocery shopping.
  • Chris B. - Sick as a dog, couldn't even make it to work.
  • Tim - Still has itchy patch from shingles and doesn't want to give our infant chicken pox.
  • Orlando - Has friend (?) crashing at his apartment.
R.J. made it over and he, Lee, and I played Attika. It was R.J.'s first time at the wheel, which I finished up with a massive 6-building placement for a surprise win. I don't usually do this in teaching games, because it's usually not a good way to get them to play again. 1A, R.J.'s an experienced gamer, and 1B, I couldn't help it. I love Attika so much.

R.J. and I played a second 2-player game, which he won by the barest of margins. Again, I love Attika so much.

He then pulled Blue Moon down and we played 2 games of that before Cori woke up again and it was daddy time once more. When I came downstairs, I joined R.J. and Lee in a discussion of the merits of higher education.

I'm not sure what I think of Blue Moon. It's like a collectible card game, except it's not collectible. You buy the base set, and you get two beautiful decks of cards for 2 of the fantasy races in the game. Each player uses one deck, and if you like the game, you can buy more fixed decks of cards. You don't HAVE to buy them all, and most people don't.

Maybe the depth I want out of a game is in there, but maybe it's not. Blue Moon ends up being more like a trick-taking game where you're going to play a variable number of tricks each round. You'd like to go out while you're ahead, but you only have access to 6 cards in your hand, with the rest being in your draw pile.

Yes, the cards' artwork is gorgeous, I suppose, and that helps Blue Moon a little. I've heard some gamers say they ended up gradually buying all the extra decks, which are about $10 a pop, and that each one does feel different to play with and against. Interesting.

Final thought: I haven't tried to see if Lee will play it. Ultimately, any 2-player game my wife doesn't like is going to hit the trade pile.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 91, New game titles played for the year = 17.


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