Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday night gaming

Regulars Michael and Chris B. arrived and were ready to start. Lee joined us for a fast-paced game of San Juan. Michael played it cagey with a huge pile of cards under his chapel, and I pursued my build-all-the-time strategy.

As the game unfolded, newcomers Rodney (work friend) and R.J. (Houston Gamer buddy but first-time Thursday guest) arrived. San Juan ended up with close scores, and I beat Michael with a tie-breaker of having 3 cards in hand to his none.

Lee bowed out to let us decide what to play next. R.J. revealed his game box had a copy of Ra, which I immediately encouraged to hit the table. The explanation didn't take too long, and managed to cover everything. Chris and I had played twice a long time ago, and Michael and Rodney had never played.

The entire game took us maybe 90 minutes or so. Michael and Chris tied at 38 points, I had 36, R.J. and Rodney had around 30. Chris had the highest Sun tile, and thus won by the tie-breaker. None of us had seen that happen before and we had to look up the rule. Everyone agreed that it was a good, fun game.

So, 2 more gamers now know how to find our house. R.J's bag also contains Power Grid, Twilight Struggle, and one of the recent GMT block games that I can't remember. All in all, that promises good gaming in the future.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 84, New game titles played for the year = 17.


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