Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Outlook, why you gotta cut me like that?

I can NEVER avoid hitting Control-Enter when I'm composing emails. Control-arrow does cool stuff, so does Control-Backspace, and Control-Delete.

Hitting Control-Enter sends the email, bypassing the spell checker and everything. No warning, just zip-zap, away it goes.


Twice in four days, people. Oh, so angry! VERY BAD WORD angry! The TO field is at the top, and the text box is at the bottom. I work from the top down and so if I hit Control-Enter with my hands clenched in fists of rage*, I send the VERY BAD WORD email and then I say, "VERY BAD WORD - VERY BAD WORD, BAD WORD, EXTREMELY BAD WORD!"

Uh, I also tend to compose emails with a rough draft, then go back and clean up anything that doesn't make sense, so if you get an email from me and it appears to be half-written, just send me a reply that says "VERY BAD WORD VERY BAD WORD." Alternately, my kids may have bumped me as I was typing.

Did I mention our corporate email has a feature for deleting emails if you sent them by VERY BAD WORD mistake? I'm spoiled.

This is a rant, not a request for alternate email clients or to install any plug-ins, although I hear if you like Thunderbird, you can get some at the liquor store really cheap. **

* That is a very long song, possibly the longest song they play on the radio, ever. It's still better than U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
** Heh. Give me a break, I'm using Firefox. I'll get there eventually, you hippies.


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