Friday, June 09, 2006

Craigslist scam: I guess I'll just ship that to you...

I had an inquiry on a video game I posted to Craigslist, as follows:

"Thanks for the responce,really i need this item urgently actually i am purchasing the item to my brother abroad,i'm just sending it as a gift to him,and my mode of payment is through (money gram express),and as for shipping i will handle that with my fedex account, so all i need you to do now is to get to me back with your full name and address so that i can proceed with the payment.hoping to hear from you
reply asap

Of course, this is a scam. Money Gram Express payments can be cancelled easily, so this guy is offering to write me a check he can void, at will, with no penalty.

My reply:
"Awesome! I take United States dollars, in physical form, and United States coins, in physical form.
You can use your Fedex account to ship me $75 in cash or coins, and then I can ship the N64 to your brother.

Todd D."

Strangely enough, I got no response.

I dropped the price down to $30, got a phone call in under 12 hours, and delivered it that night to a nice acne-covered gawky kid. Did I get my particular cost back on that? No. However, since I owned the game, my original purchasing price was a sunk cost, and I wanted to go ahead and sell so I didn't drag out the process over several weeks.


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