Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday Night Magic

Tim postponed our card gaming until tonight, and even brought beer!

Work was strenuous, and it was a relief to do something trivial for a couple of hours. I won several games in a row with a deck I've been trying to tune for a few weeks. It's a multi-color deck that wants to win by playing multiple Hondens, along with a few other good cards. Tim played 3 decks against it and lost all three times, then I swapped over to a mediocre red/blue deck and lost in short order.

I dunno. It's a frustrating game, sometimes. Was the thinking mostly in the play, the deck-building beforehand, both, or neither?

Tim had traded me a Spiritmonger in some trading we did about a year ago. He had put it into his decks for years, and never saw it come into play. During the 3 consecutive games where I beat him, I drew the single Spiritmonger early and held it until I could safely play it and start serving the beats. It's a card game, horribly random at best.


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