Friday, September 23, 2005

Shutting down computers soon...

I can only presume we'll lose power later this evening, so I'm going to shut down the computers soon. I am really considering sleeping downstairs so if there are any suspicious dripping noises, I'll hopefully hear them in time to start shifting stuff around.

With Hurricane Alison, we didn't even lose power, and nothing flooded where we're at. I got to sit on my couch watching the rest of Houston flood on television.

The two worrisome vents in the attic have been blocked with plugs made of kitchen garbage bags with old towels inside.

All the windows are covered with plywood. I was hoping to get the pictures downloaded off the digital camera, but I probably won't manage that tonight.

I talked to a lot of people by phone. Most of my co-workers got out of town. I seriously doubt that the office will be up to full strength even by Tuesday. Next week was supposed to be prep for full-store launches the week after that, so those clients may be boned. Dunno, have to wait and see.


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