Sunday, September 18, 2005

Finally, something to do with change, also some FAQ?

This is sweet: Coinstar machines turn coins into Amazon gift cards, with NO transaction fees.

There's a Coinstar machine at my local grocery store, but I never use it. They charge something like 8% as a transaction fee.

My local bank AND my local credit union both give out coin wrappers for free, because they don't accept loose coins. Rolling coins is labor-intensive, so I can understand it.

Today, I browsed through a chapter of a book that was concerned with the cashless society of the future. You know, in case it will involve the Mark Of The Beast.

It was filled with good, actually solid tips on avoiding identity theft in our current, George Jetson present; it was also filled with comical, psychotic fear of the dystopian cyberpunk future to come.

Let me help anyone out, in case they were wondering:
Q: Could implantable bio-chips be The Mark Of The Beast?
A: No. That idea is so retarded, anyone who proposes it should not be allowed to drive.

Q: What IS The Mark Of The Beast?
A: An email address ending with

Q: What's the dumbest thing you've heard someone say at Wal-Mart this week near the Halloween decorations that shouldn't be out yet?
A: "No, honey, you can't have that. We don't celebrate Satan. That's not for good girls!"

Q: What kind of person would say that to a child?
A: A heartless bitch.

Q: Dang, didn't you say anything?
A: I was trying to read the strategy guide to "Destroy All Humans" and didn't want to stop to get in an argument that could have gone any number of sucky directions.

Q: Destroy All Humans?
A: Yes, it's a videogame about an alien has humorous adventures in 1950's America, and goes on multiple rampages.

Q: Sweet!
A: Totally.


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