Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday: a summary

I took some stuff over to a nearby church-they had a lot of clothes and household goods getting ready to distribute to families in need.

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner, and then went to Barnes and Noble, where we used the baby harness we got recently. Alexis doesn't mind having it on, and is still great at making eye contact with strangers and smiling.

I read a manga called Bizenghast, which was bizarre. It reminds me of Card Captor Sakura, except with more corpses. Roughly, 'A girl is forced to defeat ghosts or be killed by a nightmarish demon.' I dunno, it hit some false notes for me. If I were going to read a comic book about a young girl facing supernatural forces, the Courtney Crumrin is about as good as it gets. I dunno, I'd pick up and thumb through a second volume of Bizenghast sometime, at least to see whether it got better or worse.

Alexis' second dresser is almost assembled. Having assembled another similar one a few weeks back, all the puzzling over the instructions had already been done. I also wised up and got out the power drill. I don't like using it unless I need extra muscle. Using the drill makes it too easy to mess things up, plus I rush through these projects having not thought them.

It's got 8 cams and about 60 screws. I've done everything but the nails. See, bachelors? One more thing you can do that I can't: assemble furniture whenever you want.


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