Saturday, August 20, 2005

Adobe Reader Updates - Gotta do it, don't gotta like it

Yes, I like how Adobe Reader has a quasi-automatic update feature.


1. updating the Reader somehow added a helper program in my startup folder without asking. I think sugar's great, but I don't put it in your gas tank, do I, Adobe Dev team?

2. put an icon on my desktop without asking. Ba-leeted!

3. has security vulnerabilities. Eeeh, we all have our foibles.

4. knows it has been updated but displays the updates as available for download anyway. This might go away after I reboot. It might not.

Still, it was seamless for me to download the 11 MB update file, and the Adobe Reader reloads without complaining about needing me to reboot. I have a buddy on dial-up that is going to burn your house down over those 11 MB, though.


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