Thursday, August 18, 2005

The PukeTrain Manifesto

I know I'm not being clever. I'm sure if I Google "puketrain manifesto," I'll find somewhere between a dozen and a hundred pages.

So, uh, my kid threw up last night, then twice this morning. Not soul-destroying, from the depths of the diaphragm, sailor-style barfing. Yurk, oops, semi-digested food in the immediate area.

After going to work and getting everyone squared away, I returned home so Lee could go in and get her work started, too.

I also got a copy of Captain Treasure Boots in the mail from Cheapass Games. Roughly, pirates try to grab treasure and get it back to port, before being shot by other pirates. It looks interesting.

Alexis spent the afternoon whining, crying, hanging on me, watching Baby Einstein DVDs, watching anime, drinking watered-down Pedialyte, and eating Cheerios.


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