Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday Summary

I started by going to Home Depot and bought replacement faucet handles. I came home and fixed the handles, also fixed the drain plug. I tried to replace the shower head in the second bath, and discovered the shower kit had a broken piece.

This weekend in Texas, all clothing is tax-free. That made going to return the shower kit and facing the crowds seem dumb, so I'll do that later. I did remove the old shower head, so it's in progress, anyway.

I went to the bank and deposited some child-care reimbursement checks.

I went to Cost Plus and bought coffee. I went to the grocery store and bought one jillion protein bars, some frozen pizzas, and

I bought two suits at K&G. Black, identical suits. I looked at shoes, and re-discovered that I have giant monster feet. I did find a pair of shoes that I liked, and they were a half-size too small. Everything in my real size was either not black, black but too shiny, or fine other than reminding me of a canoe. I don't like canoes, and even if I liked canoes, I would not wear one on each foot.

I went to four horrible garage sales, didn't buy anything.

I assembled most of a dresser, then I stopped.

The Houston Gamers were out at Midnight Comics. It's 24 miles round-trip, plus tolls. There were a lot of good people, and I taught two games to some newbies (Formel Fun and Mogul). I also playtested James Spurny's card game. It was a trick-taking game, which I usually dislike. However, there were so few cards, even I could card-count them. Interesting stuff.

I chatted some with John, one of the owners. He's getting married at the end of October. It sounds like John's a lucky guy, who's found a lucky lady, too.


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