Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tenchi Muyo: Too Little, Too Late

Tomorrow at work, I am going to pick up a few paper boxes to pack up some of my fansubbed anime collection to give to a friend. It's just gotta go.

In other news, the first volume of the new Tenchi Muyo series is out. Japan, can you please stop with the Tenchi Muyo? That series has been rebooted and re-arranged endlessly, in all possible combinations. I thought all the fans had spent their money on the parade of increasingly-horrible sequels, but evidently someone in Japan (and America) still can't get enough of a show about a bland, unassuming doofus with a bunch of wacky, spacy women. Also, the women are FROM space.

The DVD has three episodes on it. In Japan, you can put 2 episodes on a DVD and charge $35. In America, any DVD with four or less episodes is a rip-off unless it's $12 or less. I'll pay three bucks an episode, and that's my final offer. Based on that calculation, I'll buy the new Tenchi Muyo DVD if and only if I could get it for $9 or less. Fortunately, I plan to live a very long life.

Also, I don't care anymore. I have one baby, and another on the way. Anime is for people who can pay attention to the screen.


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