Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am the videotape king! All hail me!

I have too many videotapes. Back in college, the Japanese Animation clubs, plural, had a number of mechanisms both elegant and ridiculous for loaning items out of their tape library.

Fan-subtitled, 4th to 8th generation tapes are still a huge storage issue. I have 8 shelves, each with 40 or 50 tapes, and two boxes full of tapes, plus a couple of tape storage drawers. Even rounding down, I own at least 250 tapes.

I haven't fired up any of these in at least a year, maybe two. It hurts, just interacting with the old VHS mentality. There's a reason why the format was abandoned - DVDs are awesome, VHS sucks.

On one hand, I could probably watch a few of them again. On the other hand, If I get rid of them, I free up tons of space.

Fansubs aren't legal to sell, so the best I could do is give them away en masse to someone. Problem is, I don't know who I would burden with this stuff. Again, I moved to DVD, and so did everyone else. The fansub community went to using Bittorrent to distribute their releases, which freed the normal fans from the tyranny of distributors and clubs. It also freed me from saying, "Well, if my life ever totally hits bottom, I can become a fansub distributor!"

Yay, Bittorrent!


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