Sunday, July 17, 2005

Freecycle discussion digest emails are physically painful to read

As many of you will recall, I signed up with the Houston Freecycle group in order to pawn off my ancient, broken washer.

This failed, and I had to pay a very nice person $20, after several weekends of failed attempts. I think I'm going to start a business where I GUARANTEE to haul your washer away, for $100 cash freakin' money. No upcharge for same-day haul. Note: Just talkin' out my butt here. Gotta admit, I'd do it if I had a truck, and a place to get rid of them, and wanted to hurt my back many times a day.

So the actual Freecycle group gets about 120 emails a day, no joke, no exaggeration. It's posts of items offered, items wanted, and update posts. I switched to reading it on the web, and it's fascinating. Lots of good stuff offered. However, they have a strict no-chat policy.

I got an email about a Freecycle discussion group. I signed up for it. Now I get a digest email that's about 25 regular emails put together. I mean, I signed up for it. It's sort-of interesting to read. Nevertheless, I'm already 3 days backed up. That's 75 emails, compressed into three gigantic emails that I can't read half of, then walk away.

I also found out a board game trade I was trying to get fell through. I know, there are plenty of other trades and traders out there.


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