Friday, July 08, 2005

An Open Letter to MusicMatch Regarding an MIM.EXE error

MusicMatch Jukebox V.10 has bugs.

MusicMatch Jukebox version 10 is buggy.

Version 10 of Musicmatch Jukebox sucks like an Electrolux.

It's okay, guys. I know you didn't mean to thrash hard drives randomly, and have pop-up errors at almost any given moment.

I know, you needed the functionality of not asking us if we wanted your bug-ridden resource hog of a program to run on startup. I appreciate that.

However, when I see an error, and go search the internet, I better not find out that MusicMatch Jukebox version 10 is the problem. I tried to go to your website, but you made it impossible to send you feedback. I tried, but then discovered I'd have to recover my wife's product keys just to be able to read the FAQ.

Why isn't the fix to the MIM.EXE error in your knowledgebase? Is it because you don't have one yet? Or is it because the fix is to fall back two versions, as most people suggest?

Seriously, you can do better.


Blogger Coral said...

I found this post from a Google search about MusicMatch errors, specifically mim.exe. Did you ever find answers? Is there a (relatively easy) way to wrest back control of my system without abandoning MM wholesale and going with a different audio player?

Sigh. I'm just frustrated...

3:59 AM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

Coral, try uninstalling and grabbing an older version from here:

Looks like it's just a redirect to the Yahoo files now, but you can try several versions of ver. 8 and 9. 8 worked for me...

9:24 AM  

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