Thursday, June 23, 2005

Preparing for Saturday demos

I got out and re-read the rules to Jacob Marley, Esq., which is definitely high on the list of to-be-played games for Saturday. James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game is also in there, as are Unexploded Cow, Light Speed, and The Big Cheese. Cheese! Woot!

Every time I do a demo, my bag gets lighter and lighter. You never know how far you'll end up hauling stuff, plus the more you bring, the more you risk getting stolen or accidentally damaged.

I hope I get good players. I hope I get ANY players. This con's pretty small, with only 6 tables of gaming total. Still, if you're going to be at a con, Saturday's the day.

Plus, it's in Houston, so if it's deserted, my slots don't make, and I decide to bail, I won't grumble on a multi-hour drive back home.

Not that this has ever happened-even if one slot doesn't make, I can keep myself amused by browsing dealer tables and people-watching for a while.


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