Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good pregnancy checklist online?

With four months to go before Daughter #2 (code name: Calamity Jane) , I started looking for a simple checklist of tasks to complete. You know, a planner, a calendar, a timetable... I'm not interested in what the baby looks like at 22 weeks. I am looking for: "Month 6: Start looking for sales on big bottles of liquor now, so you'll have a full cabinet when the baby arrives."

Oh, no. Can't find that on the internet. Can find links to $12.95 spiral-bound pregnancy planners, can find links to horrible, horrible shopping websites, can find link farms.

Nothing good. If even my advanced search techniques can't do it, what will? Every mother wants to write about it online. Everyone wants to sell junk to those mothers. The twin powers of mediocre writing and tactless commercialism have combined to produce garbage in my web searches.


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