Friday, June 03, 2005

Passion (the clean kind)

A great blog postby Kathy Sierra about passionate users, and what they do. She lists 7 ways for passionate people to express their passion.

I am passionate about board games, and here's how:

Evangelize - I volunteer as a Cheapass Games Demo Monkey (currently mostly inactive), teach lots of games, and give away games as gifts (San Juan is the bomb, yo.)
Connect - I hang out with the Houston Gamers, and post on this blog.
Learn - I read Boardgamegeek, and seek out new games.
Improve - I'm not directly competitive, but I do like the sense that my skills are getting better.
Show Off - You know, like this blog. Plus, of course, hauling out cool scores like Guillotine for friends to see.
Spend Time - Duh, it's a hobby, it's automatically a giant time-sink.
Spend Money - Yeah, I do spend a little from time to time. I have a few games that were must-buys, although I held out and shopped around first.


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