Sunday, May 29, 2005

The fanciful lies of the A/C repair man are revealed / also, our budgeting system

Because, you know, when he charged our A/C on Tuesday for $230, surely that would last two or three months, maybe even 6 months.

Guess whose air conditioning is blowing hot air, not a full week later?

Thank you, Mary Hunt and Dave Ramsey, for your concept of a fund, for emergencies. Yep, that Emergency Fund is lookin' mighty good right about now.

If I were even more cynical, I could point out that we probably should have separated off a Freedom Account for A/C replacement, given the age of the unit.

Option 1: We could do a high-pressure test for $650 to determine the source of the leak, then have parts and labor to pay after that. Nothing ever costs less than $220 with the AC people. I guess they have to pay for the trucks and glossy binders full of full-color pricing sheets somehow.

Option 2: We replace the whole megillah for two, maybe three grand. That's hella-crappy, but the Emergency Fund can take that kind of damage, easy. It sneers at disaster!

My wife has called to inform me the ATM is out of cash-logical on the Memorial Day weekend; annoying, since I could have gotten money when I put gas in her car yesterday. We budget $200 a month for "consumables," and withdraw cash to keep us bounded by reality. We also have a coupon book with once-a-month coupons for $5 off groceries at Kroger, provided we buy $50 or more. This is the $50 trip to the store.

How does all this relate to boardgames? Not much. Boardgames are purchased with cash spending money. We each get $40 a month to spend as we like. Our other expenditure: one restaurant meal charged per month.


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