Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mystery of Dr. Maya V. Patel, quote-monger

Interesting. Who is Dr. Maya V. Patel? I spent a couple of hours searching:

She gets quoted on pages about sisters: "She takes my hand and leads me along paths I would not have dared explore alone"

Also on pages about belly-dancing:
"To Dance is to give oneself up to all the rhythms of life." Some of the pages inexplicably add "b. 1943."

“Dancing is as a great mystery as painting or drama. It serves no obvious purpose – yet it is as much apart of human life as food gathering and sleep.”

Also on books:
"It is very difficult for a man who has fallen in love with Rosalind and Heloise, Emma and the Duchess of Malfi, to settle for someone merely alive. And where is a woman to find a Sir Lancelot?" - Dr. Maya V. Patel (b. 1943)

Hmm, here's a 'Maya Patel', on horses:
"Small children are convinced that ponies deserve to see the inside of the house."

More Maya V. Patel quotes:
"Whenever I've needed someone to share my joy, or someone to hold me when my world rips to pieces, you're there. And I know you will be - tomorrow, always."

"Calm is a clear well that you may draw from whenever you have need."

"A grandma is the person you go to when no one else will listen."

She's not in Wikipedia, Bartlett's Quotations Online, or (not as the subject of a biography nor as an author), and yet these cut-and-paste artists would seem to indicate that I should be aware of who she is, and why I should accept her authority on this matter.

There's a Dr. Maya Patel here in Houston, and there's also a veterinarian Maya Patel who was in school in the late 1990's who specializes in treating cats, and has a winning smile. I'm going to guess neither of them are the source of these quotes.

Weird. The whole thing makes me think of Heraclitus the Dark, who survives only from aphorisms quoted by other authors.


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