Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wednesday Night Magic (late post)

Sweet, I swept all three Magic games Wednesday. Casual play is awesome.

Game 1: Tim was playing Goblins with splash of black, against my green-black deck that's not tuned yet. He started well (3 goblins, plus a Honden of Night's Reach), and I held back until I could encourage him to make a bad trade, at which point, the cleanup began. Nezumi Graverobber flipped, I fetched something big from his graveyard, and death for Tim followed.

Game 2: Tim was playing red against my degenerate blue. I fiddled with some of the deck, but it's about the most horrible thing I ever play. It contains two dumb infinite combos, plus some broken stuff that's restricted in tournaments. Around turn 5, I put 4 creatures into play for free via Tinkering out a Mycosynth Golem (Junk Diver/Extruder/Extruder/Flowstone Sculpture). Tim's situation deteriorated rapidly after that, no infinite combo needed.

Game 3: Tim's multi-color deck against another red-blue deck (not degenerate but fun to play). I was glad to see this match-up, to test some nonbasic-land killers I threw in. Tim played 2 Lithatogs, and had a couple of other critters, too. I had some little guys, but nothing that a Lithatog or two wouldn't chew up. I got an Earthshaker into play, triggered it once, and Tim elected to let the Lithatogs die, instead of spending land to keep them out. This was a gamble-he was hoping to draw something great. He didn't, I swung, then hit him with ye olde Glacial Ray to finish.

I loaned Tim the Knoppix boot cd I made a few months ago, to help him out with some computer experiments he'll do later in the week.

There was a weird brainstorming session at work that was interesting and sort of scary. The moderator had a set of open-ended questions that never were resolved.

Tonight, to change things up, I listened to The Crystal Method, instead of the usual Sneaker Pimps remixes. I also read an essay about the publishing industry, entitled The Profit Motive.


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