Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Publishing Experiment in Ethshar

Lawrence Watt-Evans wrote some damn fine fantasy novels set in a fantasy world called Ethshar. The novels were fun to read, and can be read in almost any order, unlike the nightmarish Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan monstrosities. Unfortunately, the Ethshar novels were just under the popularity line that would have justified more new novels.

Soo, check it out. He's posting new chapters every time donations reach a certain level, and anyone above a certain donation level gets a free copy of the book when/if it's eventually published.

In a world where webcomic artist Randy Milholland received $22,000 from his readers, enabling him to quit his job and produce webcomics full-time, Watt-Evans is sure to get there, sooner or later. Milholland currently produces 6 to 8 comics a week, so his fans have been rewarded for their loyalty.

Can the loyal fans of the Ethshar series (or of Watt-Evans' other novels) do as well? I imagine they will.


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