Saturday, May 07, 2005

My current open browser windows...

I read a lot of weird stuff.

I've been enjoying Stay Free a lot. It's anti-corporation stuff, sorta like Adbusters.

A 3-issue subscription is only $10.95, which is freakin' cheap, given how cool it is. Circulation of 15,000. Hell, Asimov's Fantasy & Sci-Fi only has a print run of like 40k or so per issue. You know, for geeks.

The question remains: Is the blog turning eyeballs into subscribers? Time will tell.


Questionable Content.

Of course, the 'Geek. They're so geeky!

I just now figured the keyboard shortcut for making links without editing the raw HTML. That's awesome. Flip over, grab your link and Ctrl-C it. Flip back, highlight your link-phrase-to-be, and Ctrl-Shift-A. Ctrl-V, pow, link's there. Sweet.

Plus, Jambo keeps catching my eye. You know, since I haven't played Blue Moon at all since I bought it. Maybe if I get rid of games like Star Warriors and Dragonhunt, that would free up the shelf space for some more games I might ever play in the next hundred years.


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