Saturday, May 14, 2005

Slow news day.

I went to one garage sale, and didn't even make it down to the local thrift stores. A week or two ago, they had a copy of Mayfair Games' Road to the White House... in shrinkwrap for $4. I felt guilty about passing it up.

After reading the reviews today (getting psyched to go thrifting), I actually talked myself OUT of going to look for it. It's nothing that'll hit the table soon, and there's a copy on Ebay that's at $6 with no bids. Eeh, I don't need another mediocre game in the house.

I took a short nap, we did the finances, and then watched the first episode of the new Dr. Who series that premiered recently in the UK. We both are big fans of the original, and thought the new series was great: the new Doctor is enigmatic and gives people a lot of lip. Excellent!

Some friends of ours invited us over for pizza and board games tonight. The pizza was elaborate homemade stuffed-crust calzones. As it turned out, we left before they started gaming, just because the Li'l Monkey was getting tired. They had probably a dozen people, and were going to start old-school Risk on two tables. I'm definitely going to pass on some game party invites, presuming I ever put another game party together.


Blogger Geek Josh Lobkowicz said...

old school risk....I bet that lasted all night and ended in several fistfights and possibly a divorce ;p

I have had the good fortune to get in a couple good games with a buddy within the past week. Today we watched 3 episodes of Crest of the Stars and then played a game of Starship Catan. Man, I LOVE that game!

11:05 PM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

I hear Crest of the Stars is slower-paced but good. I watched Aquarion up through episode 5 (note: below average and not recommended).

Glad to hear Starship Catan is measuring up.

9:20 PM  

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