Friday, June 03, 2005

Betrayers of Kamigawa Booster Box is here

Yes, I could put $35 toward a copy of uh, anything useful. Instead, it went toward my half of a box of 36 Magic booster packs. The box is sitting on the shelf. It's got a picture of a ninja on it. Wizards of the Coast knows what kids want. Ninjas, and lots of them.

There are those who would argue I should have bought this at a store, for retail. Yes, I'd love to pay $3.95 plus 8.25% sales tax per pack, instead of paying just under $2, no tax, shipping included. Tim and I will open the packs Wednesday.

To tide me over until then, there's a Houston Gamers meeting tomorrow. I hope the smoky mentally-ill guy isn't there, but he probably will be. We were all really nice to him last time, given the allergy attack his smoke aura triggered for one member. Also the crazy, can't forget the crazy.


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