Saturday, June 25, 2005

Demo Followup (or Nerd Heaven is Jock Hell)

ApolloCon demos complete! This was good at all levels. I got to play a lot of different games with lots of people, and everybody had a good time. The drive was easy, I met another Houston Gamer, and it all worked out.

They had some no-show GMs. That is to say, out of 30 game slots where a person promised to show up and run a game, person (s) responsible for 6 or 8 slots reneged. Oh, plus both their LARPs canceled at the last minute. I promised two slots, on time, with roundup of stray people, and I delivered.

ApolloCon was/is a fan con. All the fan-boy (and fan-girl) disciplines are there: filking, sci-fi and fantasy book discussions, dressing up like Star Wars characters...

Yeah, there was a guy with a SWEEEEET Darth Vader costume, plus a couple of TIE fighter pilots, and plenty of stormtroopers. Those two or three Jedi were going to have a tough time. Of course, the Jedi did outweigh the power of the Dark Side.

Note to self: Totally go to the Dark Side instead of becoming morbidly obese and dressing up in bathrobes.

I had a good time, and everyone was nice. Weird, but nice. I also got free snacks at the hospitality suite, which was a welcome change from the mercenary approach used by most gaming-only conventions.


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