Saturday, July 09, 2005

Birthday Party

Not for me. For my two-year-old niece. She got a ton of toys: Fisher-Price House that's bigger than my real house, Electronic Sit-n-Spin, clothes from us... ha ha ha, we are practical, not fun!

...and a party at Old McDonald's Farm, a park/petting zoo up on the north side. It was about one thousand degrees and the air never moved. We were there for a few hours, long enough to acknowledge that we're accustomed to the indoors, not the outdoors, and that the outdoors is hot, bug-infested, and dirty.

Alex had a great time, and enjoyed the deer, llama, peacocks, pot-bellied pigs, the calf, the cow, the wallaby, the prarie dogs, the baby ducks, etc.

I'm reasonably certain she thought the deer were extra-large bunnies. Kids are awesome.


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