Thursday, August 04, 2005

Snappi: Norwegian for horsecrap.

See, there are these little plastic diaper fasteners called Snappi. There's an umlaut in there, because the manufacturers want me to hate them more.

Anyway, the idea is that your cloth diapers are too nice, too easy to put on and take off of your baby, and not dangerous at all, thanks to velcro or true snaps. Snappi solves these improvements, by negating them:
  • Snappi rips up cloth diapers!
  • Snappi makes dressing and undressing baby a frustrating hassle.
  • Snappi has SHARP edges, and is not safe for baby to handle.
  • Using a Snappi fastener is work, and takes practice, unlike normal diaper use.

Thanks, Snappi manufacturers! Your home planet needs you! Please return to the early 1970s and leave me out of this!


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