Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Victory is mine!

I have successfully reseated the wandering downstairs toilet. The Toilet Terror Awareness Level has been set back on Green, "Probably not going to make you throw up, but hey, sewage-removal devices are tricky. Handle them with care."

That saves me a couple of hundred dollars. The waxless seal was definitely cool. I'm not convinced it's actually hermetically sealed, and so probably a gigantic storm-surge upward out of the drain would be bad. Eeh, I suspect the old wax seal probably couldn't have handled that either.

I didn't replace all the hardware, and didn't replace the linoleum. Fortunately, this new-style seal can also be removed and repositioned much more easily than a wax seal. With the wax seal, once you put the toilet in place, if you made a mistake, the seal is ruined, and the toilet is destined to leak everywhere.

Okay, I am tired of home improvements, now.


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