Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday summary: Probably last Houston Gamers meeting before baby#2

We went to the Houston Gamers, hung around without playing anything, and then went down to hang out with Jacob and Julie, who were in town for the weekend.

It took all of my negotiating skills to make that happen. We got fed massive amounts of pizza piled high with everything, and Shiner Kolsch for me. Whee!

Questions: 1. Why would someone invent a tricycle with a dozen LOUD sound effect buttons?

It was good to see them again, and hang out. Jacob and I exchanged tales of corporate folly and Alexis was great.

After we got home and Alexis was safely in bed, I headed back to the Houston Gamers, and played Reiner Knizia's Poison (by Reiner Knizia, all rights reserved to Reiner Knizia), St. Petersburg, and Fiasco. I found Poison to be relatively tedious, enjoyed St. Petersburg on my 3rd face-to-face play, and we were over-stuffing Fiasco. It works well for 2-5 people, and doesn't work at all for 6.

A month or so ago, when I was in Midnight Comics, I talked with John, the owner, about the demise of another one of our friendly local game stores. The upshot was, I told John to talk to the Houston Gamers and offer them a discount. Then they would buy a bunch of stuff from him.

So we all got discounts, both on the stuff in the store last night, and on the upcoming preorder he's going to do. Yay! I got everybody discounts, and made some sales for John!

Since I am weak, I also bought Jambo, Hellrail, and Travel Blokus, all of which I think Lee will like. We already cracked open Travel Blokus, and found it very cool. It has a strong Cathedral feel, and is gorgeous.


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