Thursday, July 01, 2010

BGG will eat itself

My internet buddy* Dave Lartigue, who's one of the forces of nature** behind the Bureau Chiefs and FakeAPStylebook, has a great post up at his site Dave Ex Machina, which I saw via my Facebook page. Being a giant bearded fat Facebook fail whale, I clicked on the "Like" button. Dave responded, rightly so, with, "LIKING IS NOT INPUT, TODD." and then the all-caps voice made me think he was Death from the Discworld novels, and then I must have blacked out, possibly due to the effects of seeing a bill from my endocrinologist's office.

Dave's post sparked a huge thread, which is no surprise.

* I once sent Dave some INWO cards he needed, presumably because his pancreas wasn't producing enough INWO cards.
** Like all Forces of Nature, each of the Bureau Chiefs is an 8/8 green trampler.


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