Thursday, April 08, 2010

On the state of the blog (games played summary)

I figured an apology is in order since I last posted something February 12th. Sorry! Go about your business as though I've been posting regularly!

It has been an extraordinary time in our lives. Lee and I are still looking for teaching positions, both in Houston and beyond, with two job fairs last week, and the next two Saturdays already booked with job fairs as well. I am now qualified to teach both English (4-8 and 8-12) and Computer Science, by examination, and am assembling a beautiful binder of teacher-riffic materials.

During this time, I played about 30 games of Dominion, two games of San Juan, two games of Roll Through The Ages (lost 'em both), one game of Travel Blokus, and three games of Race for the Galaxy, uh, plus about a thousand hands of Texas Hold-Em online (yeah, I know, you thought I was a dedicated Euro-gamer, but it's a great implementation and a lot of fun).

I have been taking the girls on expeditions to the seamy underside of Houston - comic book shops, thrift stores, and pet stores. I found an independent pet store that actually allows you to lift the rabbits out of the bunny tank, which was a complete home run in entertaining the kids.

Alex is almost six, and pretty much understands how to play Dominion. She is reading well, and a lot of fun.

Cori is four-and-a-half, and pretty much like a pale, thin, wiry version of the Tasmanian Devil.

Daria is two, and was singing this song to herself in the car, "Put the egg in the baby/put the egg in the baby/put the egg in the baby's shirt," which I think is an excellent summary of America's foreign policy.

All three girls' favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me," which I find very comforting, myself, especially with all the extra lyrics: "Yes, Jesus loves Alex, yes, Jesus loves Cori, yes, Jesus loves Daria..." and then I start listing off everyone I can name. A few nights ago, Daria heard the names of every relative I could think of, and I started grasping at straws. "Jesus loves president Obama, yes, Jesus loves the vice-president..." and I made it to the Secretary of Agriculture before she fell asleep.

In the past two months, I re-read Alan Moore's Watchmen graphic novel, which is still excellent. I have been on the treadmill at the YMCA more. Other than that, business as usual in the job-hunting business.


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