Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My (gaming) goals for 2010

  1. Figure out what my buddies want to play, and get 'em to the table! Chris B. found his old copy of Rail Baron, and Jonathan wants to learn Agricola. Kevin Nunn wants me to blind-test Rolling Freight, as well (2-3 hours as a 3, I think). I just gave my brother-in-law Dominion, so that'll be rockin' as well.
  2. Move forward on 18IA, my train game, for a variety of reasons.
  3. Play everything I am running at OwlCon at least once again before I go.
  4. After OwlCon but before July 15, play everything I acquired last year, which is a scary lot of stuff, really. The Cattlemen, The Powerpuff Girls Game, Twilight Imperium, Acquire, Titan, Railroad Dice, Goa, the Dominion series, Duck Duck Safari, Bazaar, Gloria Mundi, Power Grid using the new plants deck, Havoc, and Renfield (did I already slip Renfield into a package going out of the house? I dunno, I get hit in the head a lot).
  5. Re-write rules and complete prototypes for at least 2 of the other designs I have been nurturing. I have some sketches and they need to become playable so I can start hammering on them.
  6. Put at least one game up on The Game Crafter by my birthday in October.
  7. Write one gaming blog post a week, and review one gaming blog a month from my RSS feed.
  8. Limit myself to buying only 6 games this year.
  9. Do not participate in any Math Trades this year. Last year's set of trades got me a ton of stuff, for which I also worried way too much, procrastinated on sending, and spent way too much in postage.
  10. Have fun.


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